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About us

Paracosmic Studios is a full-service and multi-language film production company.

CosmicVFX is a branch where we create high-end Hollywood visual effects stock footage for big visual effects studios and indie filmmakers.

We will provide guidelines on how to use our VFX Library and we will always keep developing more premium quality content to elevate film productions.

We want to give accessibility to Hollywood quality VFX content for creative studios, artists and filmmakers.

About our Products

We are planning on launching new VFX Collections every year.

At Paracosmic Studios, we look at new ways to create and use high-end VFX elements. We had lots of things in mind when creating these VFX Stock Footage Elements, like:

  • Ideal set/environment for the best Alpha extraction methods.
  • Giving studios and filmmakers the RAW file to work from, As there are different requirements for QC (Quality Control).
  • Different angles & lots of variations of the same element.
  • Create different generations for future elements.
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